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Home groups or small groups in other venues (your local library or church, etc.) are an excellent way to build support and give time and attention to your most important relationship—your marriage.

An out-of-the-box 8-part DVD class, called The Marriage Course, you can host in your own home, church, library or school.


Whether you are looking to help others or want the resources to help your own marriage, PREPARE/ENRICH has an online diagnostic "Couple Checkup," as well as an entertaining DVD course with workbook and leader's guide called "Prepare to Last" for the "nearlywed" or newlywed. They also provide mentor training and curricula for youth. Learn more at www.prepare-enrich.com

PREP Couples Workshops: PREP and Christian PREP Couple Workshops are among the most comprehensive and well respected curricula—typically 6 to 12 hour classes. The class may be conducted all on one day (such as a Saturday Workshop) or it may be offered over a period of weeks, such as 6 Thursday nights for 2 hours each. There can be one or more leaders and a number of couples in the group. You will have private practice time. There is NO sharing of personal problems with the group. PREP Workshops are designed to be fun and educational, they are NOT therapy sessions. To date PREP has trained 14,748 individuals to become PREP Leaders in 28 countries and easy to locate a PREP trained leader in your area at www.prepinc.com

An extensive list of other Small Group Resources can be found at http://www.ohiomarriageresources.org/rac09.htm

"A New Way To Love: Living God's Purpose for Your Marriage" is a new home group study by Harville Hendrix, Ph.D. and Helen Lakelly Hunt, Ph.D. founders of Imago Relationship Therapy. More info at www.newwaytolove.com

Essentials of Marriage 3 DVD Series for Small groups, classes, retreats or couple enrichment. More than 12 Christian Marriage Leaders speaking in the purpose of marriage; practical everyday issues and problems in marriage. Presenters include: Dr. Gary Chapman; Gary and Barb Rossberg; Gary Smalley; Greg Smalley (host); Dave Ramsey; Dr. Archibald Hart; Les and Leslie Parrott; Dr. John Trent; Mitch Temple; Dr. Julie Slattery. Go to the website for more information.

"...We should provide the facts about the importance of marriage as a matter of child welfare and economic aspiration. As a society, we have launched highly effective public education campaigns on much less momentous issues, from smoking to recycling... For now, the decline of marriage is our most ignored national crisis..."

Rich Lowry commentary, TIME Magazine, 2012

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"National Marriage Week presents a chance to focus on rebuilding a culture of marriage for this generation."

NEWSWEEK magazine, Feb. 14, 2015

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