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Sheila Weber, Executive Director, shares her thoughts about National Marriage Week
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From February 7th to 14th every year-- is a collaborative campaign to strengthen individual marriages, reduce the divorce rate, and build a stronger marriage culture, which in turn helps curtail poverty and benefits children. Together we can make more impact than working alone. Please join with others to host special events, launch a marriage class or home group, or place local advertising or news stories during National Marriage Week USA.

Like and Share our FoxNews Op-ed, "Here's A Secret--Marriage is America's most effective anti-poverty program"

Watch National TV Coverage about National Marriage Week USA: Home & Family on Hallmark TV, and Fox & Friends

U.S. Congressional Floor Statements in support of National Marriage Week USA Feb. 7-14

Together For Marriage

Marriage works. It makes people happier, live longer, and build more economic security. Children with married parents perform better in school. Click here for new research on "Why Marriage Matters: Thirty Conclusions from Social Science."

Deep down, everyone wishes they could have a rewarding lifelong commitment with their spouse. But in the midst of challenges, we forget how marriage can benefit our personal lives. We are losing our determination and the skills to keep marriages heal thy and strong.

Marriage breakdown is costly to our kids and to society at large. Divorce and unwed childbearing cost the U.S. taxpayers a whopping $112 billion annually. In these economic challenging times, building stronger marriages helps build a stronger nation.

Goals of National Marriage Week USA:

1) To elevate marriage as a national issue in the media and with policy leaders.

2) To promote the benefits of marriage, that stronger marriages bring economic stability to individuals and to the nation, and provides the best environment for thriving children.

3) To create a national calendar for existing, trusted marriage classes, conferences and events where people can find the help they need, or reach out to help others.

"...We should provide the facts about the importance of marriage as a matter of child welfare and economic aspiration. As a society, we have launched highly effective public education campaigns on much less momentous issues, from smoking to recycling... For now, the decline of marriage is our most ignored national crisis..."

Rich Lowry commentary, TIME Magazine, 2012

Click here for the article.

"National Marriage Week presents a chance to focus on rebuilding a culture of marriage for this generation."

NEWSWEEK magazine, Feb. 14, 2015

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