What others are doing

What others are doing

People all over the country are involved in supporting and promoting marriage. Below are some of their stories--a sort of static blog of creative ideas Click here to submit your own story.
But if you have a specific event with city, date and time, please POST it under our National Calendar .

People all over the country are involved in supporting and promoting marriage. Below are some of their stories. Click here to submit your own story . and and/or your YouTube link for your 2-minute personal story of a healed marriage, or about your marriage outreach work.

Laura Warfel
PR Specialist
Marriage, Inc./Olivet Nazarene University

Marriage, Inc. of Kankakee County, Illinois, is hosting Date Night 2015 on Friday, February 20, at Olivet Nazarene University. This is a fun evening, filled with encouragement and education for dating, engaged and married couples.

Mike and Joni Stallings
National Executive Couple
National Marriage Encounter

Remember Marriage Encounter! Well, it is still here and active and providing weekend events across the country. This marriage enrichment weekend continues to provide tools for couples to communicate in a safe, loving and private experience. The 2015 location and dates nearest you are on the website. And this years National Conference is in Jefferson City, MO in July- all married couples are invited!

Retha Evans Ezell
Book Launch
Love Leaps Forward

I am launching a book called "Love Leaps Forward" through Inspiring Voices/Guideposts Magazine. I am sharing a life -long relationship of how marriage works even in the best and worst of times. My question is: Have you thought about throwing in the "Marriage Towel" lately? I have having a marriage conference and book signing on Feb. 15, 2014 as a culmination exercise. I am not just having this to promote a book, but God has placed a burden in my heart and I my husband have been standing on stage with each other starting in a elementary school auditorium over 56 years from childhood, to dating, to marriage and for over 20 years we have been standing together in ministry as Pastor and Co Pastor of a small congregation. Now God has chosen us to share our inspiring yet revealing story of how we made it. One might say that we had to make a "public spectacle of our lives that we might help celebrate and save marriages.

Jim Reed
christianlifetools.org and lakemurraychurch.org

I have written a number of articles and have taught on this topic.
Go to and click on Christianity FAQ for the articles.
Blessings to you.

Julie Baumgardner
First Things First

Flower Fest - February 14th
Marital First Responders Training - February 21-22 with Dr. Bill Doherty and Elizabeth Doherty Thomas
Celebrate Marriage - March 1st with Michael Smalley
Marriage Retreat - March 14-16
Bumps to Bundles - March 22 

Marriage Hotline 911

We offer free 24 hour hotline for troubled marriage. We have 3 married couples that answer the phones 24/7. We are also putting together a National Day of Prayer for Marriages on June 1, 2014.

Nate and LeTrina Lewis
Co Founder
Hope 4 Marriages

We are conducting marriage workshops during National marriage week. We are hosting a marriage retreat on Valentine's week. Lastly we are celebrating Black marriage day with a community event.

Dave & Sylvia Langton
Deputy Coordinator, Fresno, Ca.

Fresno Ca. Retrouvaille is having a weekend March 7-9, 2014. We also have weekends on June 13-15, and Oct. 10-12 this year. The Retrouvaille Program consists of a weekend experience combined with post-weekend sessions. Our Program is for couples with troubled marriages, including separated or divorced, open to working on their marriage. SO if you are feeling lost and alone, hurt, frustrated or angry, please consider a Retrouvaille Program to HELP YOUR MARRIAGE.

Lisa C Myers
Forever Marriage Ministries


Mission Statement
Forever Marriage Ministries is a ministry advocating for the sanctity of marriage. Believing in the restoration of marriages and standing with the women in our community to offer hope through the word of God, His principles, teachings, prayer, encouragement, fellowship, support groups and one on one mentoring..

It is my hearts desire is to let every hurting wife know she is not alone. God heals hurting marriages, He brings dead marriages back to life. Divorce does not have to be the answer - Jesus is!

Our ministry is dedicated to the sanctity of marriage and becoming the wives we were created to be. Standing together, encouraging one another, following God, and applying His principles on marriage found in His holy word, the bible.

A truthful look at the sanctity of marriage, restoration, and becoming a God honoring wife, meeting weekly to offer encouragement and prayer.

John A Knight
Project Director
TWOgether Pittsburgh

TWOgether Pittsburgh is a service of Family Guidance Inc. We have provided relationship education in the Greater Pittsburgh area for the past seven years. In our seven years of existence we have served over 9,500 participants. During National Marriage Week we are hoping to partner with at least 25 non profits in the region to provide relationship education during the week of February 7 - 14 2014.

DeLonda Owens-Tucker
President and Founder
Healthy Relationships

We are organization where our mission is to restore health to every area of your relationships financially, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. We conduct monthly sessions, workshops and seminars and marriage retreats and outings.We also have launched individual and couple's mentoring and coaching. For National Marriage week we are having a day of workshops then a marriage outing full of games,food and fellowship

Jeff & Glynis Murphy
Cross Trained Marriage

We are training marriage mentors using our book, "The Solution for Marriages - Mentoring a New Generation" and also teaching couples how to prepare for and experience sexual intimacy as God intended with our new eBook, "Pursuit of Passion: Discovering True Intimacy in Your Marriage."

We would love to partner with you in getting these books out to your audience and together, making a profound impact on the marriages in America and around the world!

Dr. Jendayo Grady

We are sponsoring and facilitating a marriage conference utilizing Biblical principles, Proven experiential marital habits, and principles from our clinical and counseling backgrounds. I am a clinical psychologist as well as a minister. My colleagues are licensed Counselors.

Don Jacobsen, DMin
HighWalk Productions

Our emphasis is on parenting, but because a strong marriage is the best platform for high-functioning kids, we spend a lot of time in our seminars and also in our writing beating the drums for building marriage. We are pleased to know of your organization and we'll be happy to tell your story as often as we can.

Don Jacobsen

Carol Perez
Office Manager

We train Christian couples to be marriage coaches and place couples with coaches. We have over 100 coach couples who coach locally in the Pacific Northwest, Nebraska and Alabama and nationally and internationally by skype. 88% of couples who were considering divorce before coaching decide not to divorce. After coaching a couple shared: "Our coaches were excellent in the perspective they gave us. Before coaching, our relationship had a lot of bickering and blaming and constant judging. As a result of coaching, I have an understanding within myself of my weaknesses and how to solve problems using a more effective approach. Through the coaching process, I felt I was discovering solutions with my partner rather than simply being told them." We work with churches to hold coach trainings and then manage the placement of couples with coaches. Here is a link to a U-tube video: http://youtu.be/LT9pjKyOLrA

rosalyn hickman
Executive Director
Covenant Keypers, Inc.

For 13 years now we have celebrated Marriage Recognition Sunday formerly called Marriage Sunday all over the city of Chattanooga, TN

Each year Covenant Keypers asked churches to celebrate marriage and be entered into a drawing as a thank you gift from Covenant Keyeprs to them. The winning church will receive lots of goodies including a two night stay at a Chattanooga high end hotel and conference center.

radio, newspaper, billboard and TV ads are run to encourage all churches to participate during their morning worship hour(s). Saturday worshipers are also asked to participate.

ideas we recommend to churches:
reception after church
picture albums
gift cards
essay for young people to write about marriage
sermons preached
choir selections dedicated to couples
couples sit together during worship
certificates from pastor to all couples including
engaged couples
recognition of couples married longest period
city wide.
recognition of couples married for shortes period
city wide.
couples dress alike
couple to share a testimony
sincerely, Rosalyn Hickman
Executive Director of Covenant Keypers, Inc.

Julie Nise
Marriage Counselor
AIM Counseling Center

I have a large faith-based marriage coaching practice in the Houston area and in 2013 my main goal is to expand working with couples as much as I can. I'm a published author and have appeared on the Dr. Phil Show 6 times working with couples.

I am actively seeking out opportunities where I can do public speaking, interviews, be a resource for churches or other organizations as any one of the following: guest speaker, marriage "expert", media commentator, etc.

I'm not sure if what I'd like to do would sync up with your organization, but it looked like it to me! I LOVED your article on "Here's a secret -- marriage is America’s most effective anti-poverty program". In fact, I'd love permission to reproduce it on my web page.

Thank you for responding with any suggestions you may have.

Vicky Jeter
Gold Key, LLC

My husband Vernon and I have been happily, successfully married for 17 years. We celebrated the 18th anniversary of the day we met this Valentine's Day. We actually met on Valentine's Day, 1995.

We saved our marriage from the serious possibility of divorce between our sixth and eighth years of marriage by creating a plan --in advance-- for protecting what we had, if anything that could be a deal-breaker should ever develop in our relationship. We call it "The Two Year Countdown."

When the serious trouble started, we implemented it and it worked over a period of 18 months to keep us from throwing away our marriage. Today, we are stronger than ever for it, and we keep this plan in our tool box, should such a challenge ever arise again. In a nutshell: In talking about how both of our first marriages failed, we realized that it was the "reactive suddenness" with which everything gets turned upside down when someone says they're leaving in the heat of a moment.
We said if something gets to the point where someone feels they want to break up or file for divorce, before any action is taken, The Two Year Countdown is named openly and initiated. This gives room to either work things out or plan adequately for individual lives. Also, no one is surprised at the end of two years if one or the other takes action. In our case, it was just over a year before we found the path of counseling that eventually led us, four months later, to know that we wanted to remain committed and canceled the Two Year Countdown. If we had made it only one year, one of us would have filed for divorce.

I have published this in my book, Call Me Victoria: Poems and Stories from Trial to Triumph, at the URL above.

Leyli Ayala
Succeed in Marriage Course
Succeed in Life Center

We have Marriage Courses in Houston and Katy.

The Marriage Course is a total of 7 Sessions about finding fulfillment and happiness in marriage.

It has been recognized by the State of Texas marriage program meaning that attendees can get their marriage license fee waived if they attend the course and would end up paying a small fee.

What can you expect?

Clear, practical lessons on how to make any marriage better with specific guidelines that you will be able to implement immediately.

Counseling for couples and /or spouses individually

Expect to be challenged, stretched and encouraged to think out the box.

All the teaching is Christian-based

Strong prayers made for you and your spouse to break free negative patterns.

Expect to see the hand of God changing your marriage through you


Debbie Sprague
Detours 2 Dreams

My mission is to help spouses to love, honor and care for their Veteran is sickness, while chershing their own needs for health and happiness.

I work with spouses of Veterans suffering from PTSD by providing coaching, education and life solutions to help them not fall into the high divorce rate of our wounded veterans.

I volunteer to host a weekly blog radio show for
caregivers and spouses of veterans with PTSD, and am completed a book "A Stranger in My Bed" which is the story of how my marriage was healed after the struggles of PTSD from my husbands Vietnam War experience raised it ugly head 35 years after the war. My book also provides education and help for community members and families to better understand and support our veterans.

Susan Cox
re|engage Director
Watermark Community Church

I am part of a marriage ministry team at Watermark Church in Dallas, TX. I have a front row seat to lives changing and marriages radically restored weekly through our re|engage marriage ministry. We are in the process of helping other churches nationwide launch this ministry. My passion for re|engage stems from the fact that 3 years ago i was getting a divorce and through this ministry God changed me, my spouse, our children as well as the community in which we live. God healed our marriage. My husband and i now share our story of grace each week. Our video is now being shown in multiple churches throughout the country. We will have the privilege of speaking on Feb. 16th at the UNCOMMON marriage conference at Watermark Church in Dallas: When God Heals a Marriage

Arkeah S. Jacobs
The Wedding Bid Radio Show

The Wedding Bid discusses the views on successful wedding days vs significant marriages and how these views may or may not differ. From the history of marriage, to that ONE pair of $2,000 shoes a bride must have for her big day, to that ONE past event that is preventing married couples from building healthly marriages, even the singles who don't ever want to get married, WE discuss it all here!

The Wedding Bid was created to raise funds and awareness of those individuals affected by Spina Bifida. Throughout our campaign we will be interviewing and sharing stories of those indviduals. In addition to provide tools and resources needed to build strong, lasting and significant marriages.

~ May The Best Bid Win
The Wedding Bid Campaign & Radio Show

Arnita L. Fields
Author, Counselor, Marriage Mentor
After the Affair, Seminar Series for Couples

I'm officially launching on February 9, 2013 the "After the Affair: Emotional Healing God's Way: Seminar Series for Couples. The series is based on a new self help book I wrote to help encourage and direct couples on how to heal in a healthy manner after emotional or physical affairs. As a counselor and witness to the saving grace of God in my own marriage, I saw the need for more healing in this area.

Participants will receive four simple tools to help them heal and move out of the pain of their past into truly living and operating in a healthy godly covenant marriage relationship with their spouse.

The free seminars will take place once a month at a local library or meeting place. The You Tube video description of the book is located below.

Thanks and Blessing,


Victor Casillas
Companions In Covenant

My wife and I are conducting twelve-week group for couples with five couples in our home... (for details see below). For details see


Meka Butler, DD
Owner/Sr. Leader
Blended Family Moments

We will be promoting successful marriage by putting married couples "How we met" stories, wedding clips and pictures on our website. We are also encouraging couples to join a marriage enrichment small group.

Norman Sullivan
Living Truth Church

Feb. 8th -Marriage For Life Date Night. Fun night that will culminate with a message for strengthening marriage. This is a first, that will become quarterly with seasonal themes.

Carey Green
Christian Home and Family

I'm not necessarily doing "local" things... my ministry is a web-based ministry where I provide video-counseling for couples, marriage helps and coaching, a podcast on marriage and family issues, books, videos, resources, and personal coaching for men. I'd love to be a resource to any who may need help.

Here is a link to my "mission statement" video...

Thanks for all you are doing to promote and strengthen marriages!

Patricia Moore
Marriage Ministry
Bronx Bethany Church of the Nazarene

Bronx Bethany Church of the Nazarene Marriage Ministry

Friday, February 15, 2013
8pm ‘till midnight
Cocktail hour 8pm-9pm

The Radisson Hotel
1 Radisson Plaza New Rochelle, NY 10801
Tickets: $120 per couple
Semi- Formal Attire

Laura Warfel
PR Specialist
Olivet Nazarene University/Marriage, Inc.

Published article and sent press release to local media about National Marriage Week on 1/18/13.

Rev. Dr. J.Rand Certain D.Min.,Ph.D.
Pastor & Counselor
Certain Weddings/Holy Spirit Lutheran

Pre-Marital & Marital Counseling

*NO CHARGE* Twogether-in-Texas Classes by appointment.

Magda Roque
Clinica del Alma SATX & Club de Matrimonios

Its hispanic Matrimonies Club, and also once a year we do a retret to heal the soul of the couple, and we are very strong to keep the matrimonie alive, for our generetions to came.

We Love to work with couples, my husband and I
Juan and Magda Roque
32 years marriage

Fred Alloway
Forum facilitator
Pinnacle Forum

Launching an 8 week Marriage and Family workshop in January in central phoenix. Getting the word out through a coalition of 6 local pastors and principals of local schools.

Nina Roach
MRS.Ministries, INC.

MRS. Ministries is a ministry and a resource tool in our community to preserve and protect the covenant of marriage. We have a Titus mandate to empower and prepare women to build strong, vibrant and lasting marriages and relationships.

We have been meeting in our community for a 1 1/2 years and have seen the responses of women as we are making them aware of God's first institution and to help and support them fulfill their roles as a suitable helper.

Since we have met we have seen women "not" allowing their marital statuses define them and creating a safe atmosphere where women can address real issues and providing them resources on how to navigate marital issues God's way.

At MRS. Ministries are hearts desire is to "model" what marriage should look like NOT from the traditions that were erroneous. Also during our MRS. Monthly Connections we share our struggles and how we have overcome. We have seen divorces canceled, healed and continuing their journeys with hope and life.

Pastor Nina Roach

Heidi Faith
site creator

We are having a 15 week event to challenge bereaved mothers to strengthen their marriages. A miscarried baby is born in the US every minute, and a stillborn baby is born every 20 minutes. These families are challenged. This event "dares" moms to get reconnected.

We also have a 2 month free advertising opportunity, that you might want to see. From the main page, about halfway down, you'll find it.

Carl Caton
San Antonio Marriage Initiative

We are a group of about 100 marriage leaders and enthusiasts in San Antonio working together as a resource organization to strengthen marriage by equipping the local church. We held our first Date Night San Antonio with Dr. Gary Chapman event on March 1 with roughly 1,200 in attendance. In May, we have a church equipping program as well as a marriage mentoring program on the schedule. We hope to better leverage your work and partner with you in February 2013.

rosalyn d. hickman
Executive Directgor

february 12
proclamed by the Mayor and Covenant Keypers as Marriage Recogntion sunday.
Churches all over the city and neighboring cities take time to honor married and engaged coupled during morning worship services:
1. special song dedications, 2. gift bags presented to all couples, 3. gift cards presented, 4. sermons preached on marriage 5. couples sat together in reserved seatings, 6. special prayer blessings 7.

Donald & Helen Dudley
Presenting Team couple
Worldwide Marriage Encounter

With other Worldwide Marriage Encounter couples & priests we present Weekends to help good marriages be even better. San Antonio 2012 Weekends are March 16-18, May 4-6, August 3-5 & Oct. 5-7.
"Love one another as I have loved you"

Hazel Claiborn
Pastor's wife
Potter's House of Jesus Christ Intl.

On a monthly basis our ministry provide a safe forum to discuss common marital pitfalls, encourage marital romance, and plan yearly couples activities. The Pastor sphere head the meetings.

David Nazarewicz
Becoming One Today

dedicated to the encouragement and building up of relationships from dating to couples to engagement to marriage and beyond. To give you the tools you need to equip and educate those who are willing to have that desire to have sustainable relationships and lives. To help restore joy, peace and harmony in your home and to answer some of life’s deepest questions in your relational walk.


Marriage On The Rock Simulcast
This Valentine's weekend, give your spouse the gift that will change his or her life: an intimate, passionate, fulfilling, and healthy marriage. Join Jimmy and Karen Evans for their Marriage on the Rock Simulcast on February 10-11, 2012, live via
online broadcast. This event is open to engaged and seriously dating couples. Snacks and drinks provided Friday night and a light lunch on Saturday. Child care available by appointment for $10 per child for the entire length of the conference.
goto: http://www.connectatvictory.com/cg_events.php

Sam Hill
GoFamily Group LLP

I am involved in a new movement called “GoHubby." It started one day when one of our founding members heard the owner of “AshleyMadison.com” on the radio. Ashley Madison is a website devoted to helping married people have extramarital affairs. It does this by connecting two people who are interested in having an affair. Ashley Madison’s influence and power are unbelievable: started in just 2001, it has over 10 million members and has around 700,000 unique visitors per month.

GoHubby is a counter-affair movement. Instead of trying to help husbands cheat on their wives, GoHubby is making a serious attempt to help husbands be GREAT husbands. Specifically, GoHubby is helping husbands get better in the fine art of romance! GoHubby does this in two primary ways:

iPhone App. This application provides original content (created by other husbands) that helps husbands be more romantic. It provides date night ideas, tips to romance your wife on a budget, motivational quotes and quips, and “10 minute ways” to show your wife your love her each week. The content is framed in a unique and original app design - months worth of content is provided for a mere 99 cents.

GoHubby Blog. Explains how the app works and more importantly provide tons of “questions” and “talking points” for husbands and wives. Lots of husbands want to be more romantic and want a better marriage, but they simply can’t find anything to talk about! GoHubby provides both fun and serious talking points. Almost every content entry in the app encourages husbands to go and access the talking points to discuss with their wives.

Who would have thought that being a passionately romantic husband would be a "novel idea" in this day and age? GoHubby believes being a romantic husband and having a fantastic marriage is worth it! With Valentines Day around the corner, we are eager to spread the word about our app, blog and movement. Our vision is to create an online community where husbands can go to to discuss romantic ideas. We want to make romance “cool” again. The app hits the AppStore on February 12th just in time for Valentines Day. The funny thing about the GoHubby movement is that women are just as excited about it as the men (go figure!)...

GoFamily Group LLP (Christian owned/operated)
Sam Hill - Age 27
Joshua Rhodes - Age 32
Joe Hill - Age 61

Norma Lemley
Chair, Marriage Ministry Committee
St. Mark United Methodist Church, Northport AL

During Healthy Marriage Month, we are offering a Double Triple: 3 Dates and 3 With this Ring Sermons. Date #1: Inspiring Movie Date Night: Couples are encouraged to sign up at a church member's home to watch Courageous during the month of February. Date # 2: Date Night Challenge Event at 5:45 pm on Feb. 12 at St. Mark UMC Family Life Center (free, but childcare reservations needed by Feb 8; we are serving desserts/drinks). Date # 3: Attend the Community-wide Legacy of Love Marriage Banquet at First Baptist Church in Tuscaloosa on Feb. 23 at 6:30 pm. Tickets are $12.50/person and 7 couples will be honored for the Legacy of Love their marriages are leaving others in our community and strengthening marriages. Great dinner and entertainment! 3 Sermons: Pastor John Verciglio is preaching Feb. 5, Feb. 19 & Feb. 26 at 7:00 pm at St. Mark UMC in the Sanctuary on biblical truths to apply in our marriages.

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