Faith and Leadership

The goal of National Marriage Week USA is to be a public information campaign that engages all sectors of culture—education/schools, the media, government/public policy, faith communities and more.

This campaign brings arguments and research about the benefits of marriage to the public square. It is not a religious ministry; however we acknowledge that the church has a compelling role in helping others in this area. It is the church and non-denominational ministries which most often engage the public in classes and seminars to strengthen marriage. Therefore we do especially highlight special resources for the church and faith groups—archived conference calls and webinars with faith leaders and curriculum that is offered by a variety of providers, faith and secular alike. 

We also hope that caring citizens will use their public libraries, community centers, or places such as the local YMCA, to bring seminars and special events to their communities during National Marriage Week USA (Feb. 7-14) or any time of year! Event week is just the catalyst—please POST any marriage class ALL YEAR LONG on our National Calendar. We want folks all around the U.S. to know where they can find help, listed on a state by state basis. Thank you for your participation! We want to hear from you! 

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