Help for your Marriage


National Marriage Week USA does not create or market its own curriculum, but rather seeks to be the rising tide that floats all boats. We celebrate the hundreds of wonderful resources that already exist of so many long-established groups. In even our early years, we had more than 1000 events posted annually on our National Calendar—the only national marriage calendar that exists for everyone. We believe there should and could be more 10,000 events posted nationwide each year! Imagine what such a growing movement of relationship skills and marriage education could mean!

At the drop down menu under RESOURCES, you will find ideas and links for resources that you can use in your own home, your church, or sponsor at your local library or community center—classes, DVDs, workbooks, or seminars. You will also find national conferences you can attend, or places to get help in times of crisis, plus fun tips for date nights, easy tips to re-engage your own marriage, suggested reading, and more.

Young people today say that the cost of a wedding often holds them back from the altar and leads them into long term cohabitation; so be sure to watch our fun Affordable Wedding DVD series about the creative and unique stories that tell how young couples, and those who help them, have hosted simple but beautiful wedding ceremonies and parties.

If your organization would like your marriage resources included on this website, please write to But BE SURE to POST your events—all year long—for free on our National Calendar so that people can learn about your efforts and find the help they need!

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