TV News: Jackson, MI. Love And Marriage

TV News: Jackson, MI. Love And Marriage

Love And Marriage, Declining U.S. Numbers / ABC 3

This Valentine's Day, Mississippians are being encouraged to celebrate National Marriage Week. While it's not for everyone, statistics show marriage trends have been declining in recent years.

Gus and Ossie Mae Griggs of Jackson are a living example of the fruits of marriage. They're now celebrating their 79th anniversary. Gus remembers their courtship like it was just yesterday.

"I guess I liked her and she liked me and we had our falling off and we'd get back on it and keep moving," said Gus Griggs.

The Griggs marriage is built on faith and family. They have seven children more than a dozen grandchildren, all examples of their love for each other.

According to statistics marriages like this are on the decline in the U.S. A recent survey by the National Center on African American marriages and parenting shows that 78% of adults were married in 1970, but only 57% of adults were married in 2008.

Relationship coach Allice Lattimore works at one of Mississippi's 30 Families First resource centers, strengthening marriages and relationships.

Lattimore said, "We cannot expect perfection, that's one of the things we talk about. We're not perfect, we're not going to meet perfect people if both partners are willing to work at it, that's what it is because relationships are hard."

Lattimore says couples often forget to make enough time for each other and often look at their parents relationships for guidance.

Lattimore said, "If you have not been in a house where you've seen that then it's pretty difficult."

Marriage experts say making compromises can help any relationship flourish. Gus Griggs said "We always got along nice together, and I thank God for that."

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