National Strategy

National Strategy

Let’s Strengthen Marriage will promote a national strategy of engaging “Seven Pillars” of cultural influence. Simultaneous efforts in the following areas will have a multiplied impact on bringing marriage to the national agenda:

  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Business
  • Church
  • Education
  • Government
  • Family (Parenting)
  • Media
National Marriage Week—February 7 through 14—leading up to and including Valentine's Day, is an international event:
National Marriage Week USA seeks to mobilize individuals, organizations, and businesses in common purpose to strengthen marriage in communities and convey what the social science clearly tells us: marriage leads to greater wealth, health, longevity and happiness.
Download our PowerPoint Slide Show to gather talking points and strategy. Click here to get the presentation.

Everyone can participate in National Marriage Week USA at many different levels:


Get your mayor or governor to issue a Proclamation for National Marriage Week. Click here to download a sample proclamation.

Governors' Proclamations for National Marriage Week USA 2011--Florida, Wisconsin, Utah, and Georgia:

Click here for the PDF with all four proclamations

Churches/ Houses of Worship

Host or attend a Love & Respect conference, or order their DVD for your own group use at

Organize a Community Marriage Policy: Gather clergy of every faith in your city to focus on this strategic plan for congregations and houses of worship to help reduce the divorce rate. More than 220 communities now participate. Learn more at

Launch a new marriage enrichment class, and marriage preparation training for engaged couples.

Provide a Renewal of Wedding Vows Service o the Sunday closest to Valentine's Day. Click here for a full description and sample plan .


Create and hand out a pocket-sized pamphlet on "What is a Healthy Marriage?" and add sponsorship with your business logo at the bottom of the brochure.  Download brochure here. Or create your own brochure out of the following text "Ten Elements of a Healthy Marriage" at this link:


Organize a school assembly on the importance of marriage and teach teens the skills needed for healthy relationships. Resources for teens from The Dibble Institute at


Hold a debate on "If marriage brings more wealth, greater health, longevity and happiness, why aren't we doing more to strengthen marriage?" Resources at

Sponsor an assembly featuring John Van Epp, author of “How to Avoid Marrying a Jerk.”


Send a press release about an event in your community. Click here to download sample press release .

Encourage your local newspaper or TV reporters to provide coverage on marriage statistics in your county or report on enrichment efforts in your area.

Place local ads in your town newspapers or billboards. Ads available at

Download the National Marriage Week USA campaign logo for promoting National Marriage Week in your community, church, schools, in local newspapers, billboards, and elsewhere. Click here for free Campaign Materials


Talk with your children/ family members about how marriage bring greater wealth, health, longevity and happiness. Read short summary from “The Case for Marriage” Click here for the article.

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