Kankakee County Celebrates National Marriage Week

Kankakee County Celebrates National Marriage Week

Marriage, Inc. promoting National Marriage Week in Kankakee County

Posted: Jan 18, 2013

Marriage, Inc. is partnering with National Marriage Week USA (NMWUSA) to promote marriage activities in Kankakee County during the week of February 7 to 14, 2013.

Plans for NMWUSA in Kankakee County are already underway. Marriage, Inc. will have a display and offer services at the Northfield Square Mall (South Court location) for the entire week. Services will include on-site mentoring, as well as complimentary and confidential pre-marital and professional counseling. There will also be prizes, giveaways and information available on ways to strengthen marriage.

National Marriage Week, which began in 1996, is an international event that has now spread to 16 countries. The goal of this observance is to highlight the benefits of marriage and provide resources to build strong marriages. Ample evidence suggests that strong marriages are a public good in that they foster successful children, healthy communities and a growing economy.

"U.S. census data show that children raised by their married parents are much less likely to experience poverty," says Dr. Kent Olney, sociologist at Olivet Nazarene University and co-director of Marriage, Inc. "Nationally, children raised by a single mom are six times more likely to be in poverty than their peers raised by married parents. In Kankakee County it's even worse. The likelihood of poverty in our county is eight times greater for children raised by mom alone than it is for those from homes with intact marriages. Marriage matters to kids and communities."

"Marriage works," says NMWUSA Executive Director Sheila Weber. "Research shows that marriage makes people happier, helps them live longer, and builds more economic security. Children with married parents perform better in school. There are proven ways to repair and restore marriages, but most folks don't know where to go to get the help they need."

National Marriage Week is designed to address all those issues and more.

For more information about National Marriage Week in Kankakee County, contact Marriage, Inc. at 815-939-5385 or info@marriageinc.org.

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