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How You Can Join the National Marriage Week USA Campaign.

1. Send this sample press release to your local media which will explain what you and others are launching during from February 7th through 14th.

2. Form a Community Marriage Policy (or highlight that this has already been done), where local clergy in your community all agree to require pre-marital counseling and other common clergy standards —which are proven to lower the divorce rate in communities where a CMP has been implemented.

3. Provide a Mayoral Proclamation for National Marriage Week (click here for a sample) and work with your Mayor's Office to highlight this effort.

4. Celebrate with Renewal of Vows at worship services on the Sunday closest to Valentine's Day, or throughout your city or in front of city hall on Valentine's Day itself. Click here for a sample ceremony. Church members can participate right from the pews in a way that feels comfortable for anyone.

5. Launch a Marriage Class or Seminar. Local churches or houses of worship can often become the natural "school" for marriage, and if they like, can also host events in neutral facilities for the larger community—libraries, community centers, etc.

What National Marriage Week Can Look Like in A Local Church or House of Worship:

Preach on marriage on the Sunday leading into National Marriage Week (Sunday, Feb. 6, 2011) and again culminating after a week-long series of National Marriage activities (Sunday, Feb. 13, 2011).

Launch a new Marriage Ministry at your church or house of worship:

  • Small churches can start a Sunday School class or home group.

  • Larger churches can host a major citywide conference (see Classes/Seminars or Post Events and input your state to find opportunities near you) in addition to offering ongoing small groups or classes.

  • Plan a Renewal of Wedding Vows Sunday Service, For full description and plan, click here.
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